Dropping these links to these Product Tools… I am still learning how to use all of them one at a time…

These are some of the products that are inspiring design and ideas to come to life:

As anticipated the time during the pandemic has caused a ton of creativity and innovation. I am super excited to see all these tools coming together and bring them into use with the products on the table right now!

Keep shining y’all!

in this room
up on this stool
remembering to breath
allowing the pressure of these tears to well

i desperately want this message to land
for you
my reader
could be me
to become moved

to allow the truth
rough edges and all
to climb
and wind
its way down deep into the wiggly…

its pretty simple

you are enough

i am enough

exactly as we are
right now
in this moment.

there is something so potent
about simply allowing ourselves
the permission to simply be

something magical happens
when the mind can rest
knowing that we know everything we will ever know
right now

too often
we wait for something to happen
for someone to tip us over
and force us to decide
and move forward
or backwards
or to the sides

but to simply know
this is all we will know
there isnt something to wait for
it is as it is and always will be


source code that is

i started code school through Tech Talent South last week
im sitting in the seventh day of class and we are writing simple scripts in

and i am getting these delicious jolts of delight
you can see it in my goofy smile
this comes both in the rumbling with a…

a quick message to encourage you all to stay home and be optimistic… like a gamer. i hope you enjoy the rambling…

if you enjoyed or connected with anything I said, would you send a quick note below in the comments. i would like to continue the connection with you people and i imagine this could be the start of a dialog.

what are you grieving?
how are you grieving?
how are you changing?

i love you

Spending as much time as I have this morning pulling together the long list of articles to read through and reflect on… one practice I am noticing is carrying me through the days is sharing the resources, insights, desires, and questions with the people I talk with every day. Suddenly…

this morning
routine is on point
my brain though

hasn’t awoken yet
still wants comfort
and ease

on a day like today
what is it to be myself

its messages like this
on days like today
that incite violence
against some shadow self

consider how that message changes

the purpose of
life is to know
your shadow self and love
your shadow self and
trust your shadow self
and be your shadow self

now THAT is alive for me right now
yet there is a strong living part of my true self
my higher self
that resists and wants to send that energy
right into the creative bucket

perhaps to be stored
but ultimately to be consumed
when the time is full

Brett A McCall

futurist | game designer | technologist | consultant

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