Healing Companies Through VR: Transforming Change Culture

Brett A McCall
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The rapidly evolving economic landscape, with the rise of AI, increasing demands on remote work, and uncertain futures, organizations are grappling with unknowns and struggling to find their footing. This uncertainty affects workers, creating a sense of confusion, insecurity, and a loss of purpose.

Additionally, the social aspect of traditional workplace interactions is diminished, leaving employees feeling isolated and hesitant to seek support.

On top of all that, “Zoom Fatigue” is a real stressor affecting individuals in the remote work era. The prolonged use of video conferencing platforms like Zoom has led to increased exhaustion and reduced well-being.

However, there is a solution that dynamically combines technology and human connection — virtual reality plus Better Than Unicorns.

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VR as a Tool for Transformation:

Here at Better Than Unicorns, we uniquely use virtual reality to offer companies the opportunity to introduce a new culture of inclusivity and psychological safety, prioritizing both physical and mental well-being. We design our sessions in VR to allow individuals to engage in immersive experiences that promote self-care, emotional expression, and personal growth, all while fostering a sense of community.

We had one client that was like, ‘I hate looking at myself in the mirror. I hate seeing myself on a zoom call.’ Now get that person in VR and have them focus on body language and their voice in the speech that they’re giving.
~from the team of coaches at Spoken With Authority

Benefits of VR in Change Culture:

  1. Enhanced Team Bonding and Communication: VR facilitates deeper connections among team members, fostering a sense of togetherness and camaraderie. It enables individuals to express themselves more freely, leading to a better understanding of colleagues’ unique qualities and experiences.
  2. Expanded Creativity and Idea Generation: By exposing individuals to new virtual environments, VR opens the door to fresh ideas and innovative thinking. It creates an environment where minds can explore possibilities and generate creative solutions, leading to a more agile and adaptive workforce.
  3. Breakdown Stereotypes: By providing a shared virtual space where individuals can interact without biases based on appearance, gender, or background, VR promotes inclusivity and diversity. Participants can focus solely on ideas, skills, and contributions, leading to a more equitable and inclusive work environment.
  4. Increased Worker Happiness and Retention: The sense of belonging and connection experienced in VR environments improves worker satisfaction and morale. Employees feel valued when their personal lives are acknowledged and integrated into the workplace, resulting in higher retention rates and increased loyalty.
  5. Cost-Effective Off-Site Experiences: VR enables companies to conduct off-site experiences at a fraction of the cost and with greater frequency. By immersing employees in new virtual environments, companies can stimulate creativity, enhance learning, and foster a sense of adventure — all without the logistical challenges and expenses associated with physical off-site events.

It’s not next. It’s now. It’s liberating. It lets you get out of your head and into another space where you are free to do the work that you need to do to give the presentation you want to give.
~from the team of coaches at Spoken With Authority

Taking the Leap into VR:

To harness the benefits of VR and facilitate change culture, companies to explore VR platforms like Remio and Engage. These platforms offer flexibility, allowing participants to engage using VR headsets, computers, or even mobile devices. For organizations that do not have VR headsets readily available, rental options are available to help them kickstart their virtual experiences. However, it is crucial for companies embarking on their VR journey to ensure they have a knowledgeable tour guide or facilitator to maximize the transformative potential and guide participants through the immersive landscape of virtual reality.

Better Than Unicorns:

Unleashing the Power of VR through Expert Facilitation At Better Than Unicorns, we understand that facilitation is the essential ingredient that breathes life into VR experiences. Our skilled facilitators serve as knowledgeable tour guides, expertly navigating participants through a captivating journey of activities, exercises, and engaging encounters within the virtual realm. By fostering a secure and inclusive environment, our facilitators empower individuals to openly share, venture into uncharted territories, and forge meaningful connections, unlocking the true transformative potential of VR.

“[VR] changes your creative mindset…you just think about things differently. It really changes the way that you think. I remember [we did an exercise in VR with BTU] right before a very big strategic project that I was working on. And it was like a mental gymnastics; like I was able to snap the rubber band and my brain could approach something a little bit differently. I think you have to do the thing [experience VR] to realize it’s going to give you the creative freedom in something that’s totally unrelated after the experience. So I think that’s a hard you-have-to-experience-it-to-feel-it-thing to sell. But it works.” ~Emily Stalvey, Senior Marketing Manager at Goodway Group

Build Stronger Connections through Virtual Reality

Virtual reality holds immense promise in transforming change culture within companies. With BTU as your guides to explore the possibilities, enhance creativity, and bring your team closer together, ultimately leading to a more resilient and thriving workplace culture like never before.

There’s just something inherently different for us when we were in VR than when we were on Zoom. There was more connection. Some of us felt, ‘I want to hug you all right now.’ It felt so visceral to them that they were with people.
~from the team of coaches at Spoken With Authority

To embark on your VR journey and experience the difference firsthand, reach out to Better Than Unicorns today. Contact us today at https://www.betterthanunicorns.com/contact



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